Spreading the Word
Bible Exploration

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The first unit of five lessons, called “A New Direction,” shows how meeting Jesus turns our world upside down and puts us on a path in a new direction. Following Paul in the book of Acts, we see his total turnaround from enemy to friend and his willingness to endure great hardships to spread the news that Jesus is truly the risen Christ. Some of the topics discussed are imitating Jesus, salvation, suffering, the importance of being in a good church, and idolatry.

The second unit of five lessons, called “Live Out your Salvation,” shows how repentance of sin and faith in Jesus are only the beginning of a whole new life. As we continue to follow Paul’s travels in Acts, we see that true faith changes our way of thinking, as well as our actions, and fills us with hope for a glorious future. Some of the topics discussed are the importance of the resurrection, witnessing, repentance and good works, God’s sovereignty, and obedience.