Debbie Morris earned a BA in English Literature from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. She has worked on staff at NeKaMo Camp near Warsaw, Missouri, most summers since 1975. She has counseled in every age division and directed the camp for 17 years. She began writing curriculum for the daily Bible studies in 2003. After receiving requests to make them available to other camps, she started publishing the studies. Besides working at camp and writing and editing, she enjoys hosting a family meal every Tuesday evening, singing to her baby granddaughter, playing Rails and Sails with anyone who is willing, walking the dogs, and going out to eat with her husband.

A Word from the Author

Although I was raised in a Christian environment and went to church (a lot!) growing up, it was at camp that I became convinced that Jesus Christ was real. It was there that Christian love was lived out before my eyes 24 hours a day. Despite the heat, the bugs, the primitive outhouses, and the pranks, staff members chose to spend 7 days or 14 days or even 21 days with kids because they were convinced that it was important–essential–to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the next generation.

I don’t remember what anyone said during Bible Exploration, and I didn’t even like those mandatory 45 minutes each day. I was there for the archery and riflery and swimming and singing and sleeping on a bunkbed. But God used that camp experience to work in my heart. Over time he changed me. Now, though I still love the activities and singing and campfires and fun, Bible Exploration is my favorite part of camp. To look into God’s Word together, to explore its message, to discover its Author, and to realize that Jesus is the fulfillment, the pinnacle, the very heart of it all is one of the most exciting and satisfying things in all of life.

How God works in a heart is a mystery, but be sure that he uses scripture and prayer and the efforts of ordinary people. These Bible Exploration and Morning Watch books are written to aid you in your teaching. And be encouraged in knowing that though you may not see results, your labor is not in vain. God will accomplish his purposes; he will redeem a people for himself—“a people that are his very own” (Titus 2:14).

– Debbie


"The Bible Exploration was very easy to follow and use, especially since I needed to just jump into it without a lot of early preparation. Everything I needed was right in the lesson. "
Camp Counselor
"The campers seemed to really enjoy Bible Ex this year. Several campers told me it as one of their favorite things at camp. "
Camp Counselor
Finding Joy for grades 2-4
"My all-time favorite Bible Ex was the week we did on Joseph. The kids were familiar with the story, but they had never actually read the whole thing and studied it for an extended period of time. It was neat to hear them say things like, "I never knew all this about Joseph" and "I really like studying one thing for a long time - you learn so much more about it!" I think they also felt challenged in a new way because the material threw so much more at them and they got it."
Camp Counselor
Learning to Follow for grades 5-7
"I love the questions in the "Think about it" sections because they set a pattern for me to continue to read and then ponder the Scripture passage in my devotions when I get home."